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Inkubator On Air premieres with six new plays from our first cohort of playwrights. They are:
The Body by Britt A Willis
Egg by Anna-Claire McGrath
The Funeral of Casey B. Collins by Natalie Ann Valentine
Porn: a Love Story by Jen Diamond
Proxy by Alex Reeves and Nell Quinn-Gibney
Taques n’ Plangles by Caitlin M Caplinger

They featured the acting talents of:
Thais Menendez
Chloe Mikala
Da’Von T. Moody
Ezra Tozian

Bios for the included artists can be found in Current Projects.



Artistic Director T.P. Huth participates in a panel with other local theatre administrators and artistic teams, sponsored by the Dramatists Guild Baltimore Region, to discuss new plays in the area.


Inkubator New Works Development Laboratory hosts its first public workshop reading, Pilate’s Wife by Bridget Grace Sheaff, starring Dylan Arredondo, Jessica Bennett, and Ezra Tozian, with stage directions read by Emily McCort.