Her, Across the River

Her, Across the River, by Hope Villanueva, playwright from Inkubator On Air, Cohort Three.

Featuring Dani Stoller as Persephone, Yakima Rich as the Spirit, Kari Ginsburg as Demeter, Pimmie Jungtranggur as Asnee, Taylor Washington as Talin, Mani Yangilmau as Devi, and Lilian Oben as Umbra.

This episode was guest directed by Meghan Behm. The Thai diction coach for this play was Patrick Musick.

Feedback facilitated by Cohort Three Guest Dramaturg Abby Cady.

Cohort Three Playwrights: Kate Colwell, Jean Koppen, Taylor Lamb, Hope Villanueva, Amanda Zeitler.

Our theme music was composed by Joe Nicol. Our logo art was made by Sara Nazareth; more of her work can be found at sarahscanvas.tumblr.com.

Hosted by T.P. Huth.

Full artist bios available at inkubatorlab.org/current.

T.P. Huth