Souls Spent

Souls Spent, by Olivia Haller, playwright from Cohort Four.

Featuring Dylan Arrendono as Jim, Melissa Bell as Candace, and Sarah Laughland as Janice, with Jared Michael Swain reading stage directions.

Cohort Four Playwrights: Melissa Bell, Olivia Haller, Lily Kerrigan, Matthew Marcus, Jason Tseng, and Haygen-Brice Walker.

Cohort Four Performers: Dylan Arredondo, Sarah Laughland, Andrew Quilpa, Lucien Reubens, and Jared Michael Swain.

Our theme music was composed by Joe Nicol. Our logo art was by Sarah Nazareth; more of her work can be found at 

Hosted by T.P. Huth

T.P. Huth